pi.txt0100644062473604522350000000714110330653737011604 0ustar dom-ukx-adminProject Information ------------------- 1. Submitter: dom-uk 2. Project UNIX Name: x-admin 3. Project Descriptive Name: xAdmin 4. License: GNU General Public License (GPL) License other: 5. Project Description: xAdmin - The Open Source web-server administration system! Simplifies adding virtual hosts, DNS entries, zone file manipulation, etc, allowing scalablity and customisation through a simple plugin enviroment. Provides an easy to use graphical frontend. 6. Registration Description: xAdmin is a simple web server administration system, to simplify the addition of new users, editing existing users, and removing the users you don't like. xAdmin is designed to make the life of the web server administrator (incharge setting up new accounts when new users wish to purchase hosting) easier. xAdmin automatically sets up mail servers, databases, DNS entries (zone file manipulation), FTP servers, when the administrator wishes to add a new user to a web server environment. The functionality of xAdmin can be increased using a plugin system. For example, the basic package (as described above) can be expanded using a plugin to enable the user(s) to scan there home directory using ClamAV. xAdmin is written in a mixture of PHP (graphical front end, for both the administrator(s) and the customers/users. Access can be restricted using a permission based setup, each user has an entry in the xAdmin database, detailing permissions, etc) and C (pure C, no C++, for the backend, allowing the administrator(s)/user(s) to do everything that the graphical front end can, but in a terminal (SSH anyone?)) The administration side of xAdmin allows easy addition/deletion/editing of users, editing of existing users details (billing addresses, passwords, email accounts, etc), and the removal of old customers from the web server. The graphical fronted will be accessible (using an alias in the virtual host entry) via the users web space itself. For example; http://www.mydomain.com/~dom/xadmin/ will access the login screen for xAdmin's graphical front end. The user will then enter his/her username and password, and the system will log the user on (using sessions) and allow the user to change various details ranging from billing addresses and contact details to adding a new FTP user, and uploading files. The full functionality of xAdmin can be restricted on a per-user basis. When a new account is added, it is set with a default access ruleset, this can be either Admin or User (plugins can add more users to allow different hosting packages to give different access rights). "User" will set default access permissions for users, eg View billing details. Admin will set the default access permissions for admins, eg View/Delete/edit billing details, add new users, etc. The permission defaults are customisable, and once the default settings have been set, the permissions can be edited for each user. For example; UserA can view his billing address, but UserB can view it, and edit it. xAdmin is being developed on Mac OSX, which is based on BSD. However, the only platform specific detial is the paths, which are set when installing. xAdmin will originally run on Linux/BSD/etc, but may be expanded to run on Microsoft Windows if there is a demand for it. xAdmin will require specific software, initially only Apache web server and MySQL will be supported. But the configurations and other software specifics are loaded as a plugin, allowing the administrator to download the relevant plugins to enable xAdmin to run on, for example, lighttpd web server with PostgreSQL databases.